At AllShirts we want our customer to be satisfied with the products purchased. If for any reason you are not happy with the product sent, we facilitate the replacement of the same or the cancellation of the sale and the return of the amount of the product, through a simple and free process.

It is important not to open, break, manipulate or use the product to be returned, since as a first condition for the replacement of the product or refund of the amount thereof, it is necessary that the product to be returned be returned to AllShirts, in the same state in which it was sent by AllShirts.

That is, if the box arrives broken or the product is open, please do the following to be able to report it and return the money or send a new package:

Take photos of the package when it is received in poor condition.

Send the photos and report the event immediately to You have 24 hours to report any anomaly. The time starts counting from when the package is received.

In the case it is the fault of AllShirts or the parcel, we send a new package with the merchandise and a guide to return the product for free.


To fulfill the conditions of return, replacement of the product or refund of the amount thereof, the buyer, user or consumer must meet the following conditions:

Within five (3) calendar days after receiving the purchased product, you must notify AllShirts, through its Allshirts Customer Service Center, by phone at +1 (956) 962-6272 or if you prefer by mail email to expressing their willingness to return the product and request the replacement thereof or the cancellation of the sale and refund of the amount of the product.

Subsequently, within ten (10) calendar days, following your notice, you must return the product to AllShirts by private courier service, preferably using the same courier company that delivered the product to the address located at 9902 McPherson RD Suite 17 Laredo TX, 78045

The buyer, user or consumer will cover the cost of the parcel or courier used to return the product to AllShirts, and therefore it will bear the risk of loss, damage, destruction, etc. of the returned product, until it is received by AllShirts, at the address described in the previous paragraph.

The returned product must be received by AllShirts, in the same conditions in which it was sent to the buyer, consumer or user, being in the original box or packaging, do not present any alteration otherwise the return will not be appropriate.

Within 48 hours (FORTY-EIGHT HOURS) after AllShirts receives the returned product, AllShirts will contact you to confirm the replacement of the merchandise or the refund of the amount.

AllShirts gladly accepts your returns and will make the replacement of the product or the refund of the amount of your purchase with options that you choose:

AllShirts will exchange the returned product for an equal one, or for another with a value equal to the returned product, at the choice of the buyer, user or consumer.

Refund of the amount of the returned product, for which buyer, user or consumer will have any of the following options:

Refund to your credit / debit card for the value of the product purchased from AllShirts.

If your payment was made in cash, or by direct deposit to the AllShirts account, you will need to provide the number of a bank account to which AllShirts can refund the amount of the returned product.

These return policies apply solely and exclusively to direct retail sales, and under no circumstances will they apply to wholesale buyers, resellers, distributors, and trade agents who market AllShirts products with whom there is an ongoing business and commercial relationship.

For questions and / or clarifications, please contact us through our customer service center at +1 (956) 962-6272